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Friday, April 17, 2020

New! Clinton County Recorder now available on Doxpop

We're delighted to announce that Clinton County land records are now available on Doxpop! We extend our thanks and welcome to Beth Keeney, the Clinton County Recorder, for working to extend this access to online searching during this critical time!

Clinton County is the 45th Recorder to join Doxpop!

Clinton County has validated records and document images beginning January 2003, and is working to validate older data beginning in 1995. Document index information is updated every 10 minutes, and new images are made available once a day.

Anyone wishing to look up recorded documents on-line may visit to use the service. A low-volume search plan is available for free, with higher-volume subscriptions available to commercial users for a fee. Access to document pages may be viewed and purchased through our system, and $1 per page will be remitted to the Recorder for each copy obtained.

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