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Friday, June 23, 2017

New Predictable Recording Fees, Effective July 1st

Filing fees for Recording Documents in Indiana are changing. Beginning July 1st, 2017, Recorders Offices across Indiana will begin using a new fee schedule meant to make your filing fees simpler and more predictable.

Keep in mind that these fees will apply based on when the documents are received in the Recorder's Office. Another small change to the fee schedule raises the fee for oversized copies (largely for plats) to $5.00 per page.

Mortgages $55.00
including Subordinate Mortgages and re-recorded mortgages
Deeds and all other instruments $25.00
including re-recorded documents

Other recording fees to be aware of:
The flat filing fee allows up to one oversize page per document.
Each additional page over 8.5" x 14" $5.00
For Mechanic's Liens, your filing fee includes one mail out.
Each additional mail out $2.00
For multiple transaction documents (a/k/a blanket documents), your filing fee includes one cross reference.
Each additional cross reference $7.00

Copy Fees:
Copies 11" x 17" or smaller, per page $1.00
Copies larger than 11" x 17", per page $5.00
Certification of Document $5.00

UCC Filings have not changed, but those fees are:
UCC Filing, Continuation, Amendment, or Assignment
1 or 2 pages $9.00
3 or more pages $13.00
UCC-11 Information Request
single debtor name $10.00
each additional name $5.00

Also be aware that Marion County has an additional fund collected through the Recorder's Office for housing, and that will create a longer transition period in that county. The fees for Marion County beginning July 1st, and the anticipated final fees can be found here:

For additional information about these changes and other details of Senate Bill 505, the page for that and links to the full text are here:

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