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Monday, May 29, 2017

Make sure that important email doesn't go in the spam can!

Updated 8/6/21

In the context of e-filing, it has become especially important that your email from the court makes it through unfettered and in a timely fashion. Here are some tips on how to make that happen:

First, make sure you control the filtering. Some Internet Service Providers "helpfully" remove those messages that they deem to be spam before it even gets to your email client. You should view this practice with caution, because it means you aren't in direct control.

Second, recognize that there are several types of email to make sure you don't classify as spam:
  • Notice of Acceptance: Emails acknowledging receipt or acceptance of e-filing. These always come back to the filer only (not necessarily the attorney).
  • Notice of Service: These go to an attorney's public service contact, which may mean that administrative copies are being sent to an assistant as well as the attorney.
  • Notices of Orders & Judgments: These aren't really part of e-filing, but are equally important. This is how most counties now deliver documents signed by the judge to you. These always go to a single email address.
  • Doxpop Notifications: If you are a Doxpop subscriber, you may also have configured our service to send you notifications of changes in specific cases or more broadly, notification of any change to your hearing schedule.
Third, configure your email client to never flag emails as spam if they come from any of the known court domains or addresses This is called "whitelisting."

In Outlook, you can do this manually by going to [Junk] -> [Junk Email Options] -> [Safe Senders] -> [Add…]

In Google Mail, you can do this manually by [Gear Icon] -> [Settings] -> [Filters and Blocked Addresses] -> [Create New Filter]

Below are the senders you should whitelist. We'll update this as new services or counties are added:

Here's the list of domains that you should always accept email from:
 And some specific addresses:

If you use Google Mail or Outlook, we’ve already created filters for you that do all of this, and you can just download & import them. Here are the instructions:

Google Mail:

  • Download the filter here:
  • Go to [Gear Icon]->[Settings]->[Filters and Blocked Addresses].
  • Near the bottom of the page, just right of center, click on "Import Filters".
  • Click on "Choose File".
  • Browse to where you saved "Doxpop_Gmail_Court_Whitelist" and double-click the file.
  • Click on "Open File"
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Create Filters"


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