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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why can't I e-file on juvenile cases in every county?

There has been some confusion among folks who are trying to e-file on juvenile cases in Allen, Marion, Madison and Johnson counties.

These counties track their juvenile cases on the Quest case management system. Although Quest is in the process of getting e-filing working on their system, they have not yet completed the certification process with the state.

For these four counties e-filing on juvenile cases (JC, JD, JM, JP, JS, JT) is not always available and, of course if the cases are not available, e-filing is not mandatory.

To make things a bit more interesting, it appears that in Marion some JP cases are not on the Quest system, So there, your best bet is to try to locate the case through the e-filing system and if you can't find it, contact the court for advice.

Presumably Quest will complete their certification process soon. When that occurs, we'll post a second article here to let you know.

It took a  while to find a resource for this on the State's web site, but here's where we found the information...

<  Look for the counties marked with the brown information graphic in this document:

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