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Monday, September 10, 2012

Information temporarily out of date in counties using Odyssey

Doxpop is currently in the process of wrapping up the migration of Elkhart County court data on our system. However, the final step of this process is taking longer than expected. While this step is completing, our information for all counties where the Odyssey Case Management System is in use will be out of date.

During this day (Monday, 9/10), please carefully check the "Information current as of" date in the upper left hand corner of the details page when you are looking at the details for each case. For most counties, there is no problem, but if you are looking at a county using the JTAC/Odyssey system, the data may be old.

In addition, very recently scheduled hearing dates may not appear on court calendars during this update process.

We are currently applying updates, and are roughly halfway through the process. We expect that all counties will be current again as of tomorrow morning.

Apologies for this bump in the road! We had not anticipated this last step running past the weekend, and we will be changing our process to avoid this during the addition of other counties in the future.

Counties using the JTAC/Odyssey system and affected by this problem are:
  •  Allen
  •  Benton
  •  Blackford
  •  Carroll
  •  Cass
  •  Clark
  •  De Kalb
  •  Elkhart
  •  Floyd
  •  Greene
  •  Hamilton
  •  Harrison
  •  Hendricks
  •  Henry
  •  Huntington
  •  Jackson
  •  Jasper
  •  Jennings
  •  La Porte
  •  Madison
  •  Marion
  •  Monroe
  •  Owen
  •  Parke
  •  Porter
  •  Posey
  •  Rush
  •  Scott
  •  Shelby
  •  St. Joseph
  •  Steuben
  •  Tipton
  •  Union
  •  Warren
  •  Washington

All other counties are unaffected.

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