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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Elkhart moves to the Odyssey System - How this affects Doxpop users

Over Labor Day weekend, the county courts in Elkhart will be moving their data to JTAC's Odyssey System.

Although we're not fans of this move, it will not significantly affect Doxpop users because Doxpop now buys access to a real-time feed of court data from the Odyssey system. Our customers' access to Elkhart's court information will not be interrupted during this transition.

A few of the services we provide will look odd during the transition, because there will be a short period when both the old data and the new data are available. In particular:

  • If you use the personal calendar feature, you will see two colors for Elkhart County on your calendar. Every event will be available, but the older cases will have a different color from the newer cases. When we complete the merge process, these will go back to being a single color.
  • When you look at our "County Details Page", you will find two entries for each court until the merge is complete.
  • If you use any of our "watch" services to keep an eye on cases or people of interest, you may receive extra notifications during the transition period.
  • When you are doing searches, you will find two entries for some cases. This is because while we are loading the information from Odyssey, we will also be maintaining the old data until the operation is complete to ensure you don't miss anything. When you see two case entries, please look at both to ensure you have the most current information.
Don't worry! this transition won't take long, and after a few days we'll be back to normal.

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