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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LaPorte in transition- Much improved data is on the way!

LaPorte County has just completed their transition from an older case management system to the "Odyssey" system. This means that very soon, we'll be able to provide more timely notifications and cleaner data for the courts in LaPorte County. Updates will be "real-time" instead of nightly, and minute entries will be more complete.

However... there will be an interruption as we kickstart the process, and if you're depending on Doxpop for timely information from LaPorte, you need to know the details. Here's the planned schedule:

  • Late next week, we'll replace the existing LaPorte information with a complete "dump" of clean information extracted on July 1st, so information will be current as of July 1, but will not updated for a few days after that load.
  • In the following week, we'll begin the "real time" updates, so LaPorte information will be both current and complete from that point forward.
After the real-time updates are going, notifications will become much more timely, minute entries will be complete, and the court calendar will  become a more useful tool. We are looking forward to knowing that our patient customers will at long last be able to receive a level of value in LaPorte that we've long been able to deliver for other counties.

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