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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kosciusko County Improves Court Case Access

The Kosciusko County courts have posted their records on-line via Doxpop since 2007. We are excited to announce that Kosciusko County has upgraded their local computer system, resulting in a more reliable and faster connection to Doxpop.

This change brings the following advantages to Doxpop subscribers using Kosciusko County Court Data:

1. Updates every 10 minutes, 24x7. Doxpop gives you everything you will find on the courthouse computer, but without the trek through the snow!
2. Immediate notifications on watched cases. When the clerk's office enters a return of service, you can know within minutes and without a phone call.
3. Timely and accurate scheduling information. When the court schedules a new hearing, it will appear on your Doxpop calendar within minutes, and you will receive an email notification.
4. Better access to financial information. Payments made in the clerk's office are reflected immediately in Doxpop.
5. Tax Warrants on-line. If you need Indiana DOR tax warrant information for Kosciusko County residents and businesses, you can now access it 24x7 on Doxpop.

Recorded Documents for Kosciusko County have been available on the Doxpop website since 2008.

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