Wednesday, July 14, 2021

State e-file manager updates their sending email address. Here's what you need to know:

We recently learned that the state e-file manager has updated the sending email address for the e-filing emails. The e-file system sending email address was previously '' and has been updated to ''. 

Generally, this won't affect how you file but you may want to check a few things.

Email sorting: 

If you utilize rules or labels in your inbox, you'll want to check if they look at the sender's email and then update those rules if needed. 

Email forwarding:

We know some of our users use auto email forwarding to send e-file emails to other people in their firm. You'll want to check if those rules look at the sender's email address and update those if needed. 

Email whitelisting:

We've long communicated the importance of making sure your firm's email system has certain domains whitelisted to ensure you don't miss these important emails by spam protection services. On that list, you will now want to make sure your email system includes the '' domain. 

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