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Friday, December 4, 2020

Indiana Public Service Contacts are not currently available

We noticed today that the state managed public service contact list has essentially disappeared from the e-file system. This list is managed by the state e-file manager and state court administration so we don't have any direct ability to resolve the issue. We've notified the state court administration of this issue.

If you rely on or use public service contacts you will notice they are no longer listed and no results are found when searching the public list. 

For attaching your own attorneys to filings you can still use private service contacts and if you don't have any listed please contact us and we help you get those set-up and explain why that is the ideal service contact to use. 

Not familiar with the difference between public and private service contacts see our past blog post here:
E-filing: E-service 101- Learn the basics of how e-service in Indiana works.

We'll update this post when we learn more or we see the issue has been resolved. 

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