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Monday, November 9, 2020

Delivery by Doxpop: Fun fact, you can send mail on holidays!

Delivery by Doxpop allows you to send mail even when the Post Office is closed!

Doxpop uses a mailing service provider that has the ability to skip the front counter of the local post office and go directly to the USPS Bulk Mail Entry Unit. What this means for you is that on select holidays when you file and choose Delivery by Doxpop your documents will still be printed and go into the USPS processing stream on that day. The USPS processes incoming mail on these holidays, so it's not just that your envelope will be waiting for them to deal with the next day- It actually gets immediately dispatched for delivery.

The holidays that the USPS will accept and process our mail include: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day), President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, and Columbus Day. 

The only catch is that on those holidays the provider is only able to mail Certified Letters if a minimum quantity is reached. They have informed us that it is nearly always the case they meet that requirement, but it is something to keep in mind. 

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