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Monday, July 27, 2020

Delivery by Doxpop makes service as easy as it used to be.

Update: The pilot was completed with resounding success in late August, and Delivery by Doxpop is now available statewide.

On Tuesday, July 28th, Doxpop will release a pilot of our Delivery by Doxpop service in Wayne, Madison, and Hamilton counties.

This means that when you are e-filing on a case in one of these counties, you will see a new section in both the initial and subsequent filing page labeled "Delivery by Doxpop". We think you will want to start using it immediately. Here is why:

If you are doing a subsequent filing and one of the parties can't be served via e-service, you can use Delivery by Doxpop to initiate service via first-class postal mail with as few as three mouse clicks- A huge savings in labor. Take a look at this short video (2:33)  to see how it works:

If you are doing an initial filing and want to provide service via Sheriff's Service, Delivery by Doxpop lets you initiate that in less than a minute during the e-filing process. Doxpop will print three copies of the required documents, and deliver them to the Sheriff you specify along with a cover sheet providing personal and mail delivery addresses. Take a look at this short demonstration (3:29) of how this service works:

If you are doing an initial filing and want to provide Certified Mail Service,  you can do that with a few mouse clicks during the e-filing process using Delivery by Doxpop. Doxpop will print the required documents, and send them via Certified Mail for you. When the recipient signs for the documents, you will receive an image of the signed receipt. we've made a brief video (2:40) that shows how this works:

Finally, it is important to be able to track the progress of delivery and download your return receipt to prove delivery occurred. This video (3:00) shows you how to quickly get to USPS tracking and how to download your return:

There is more to this feature than you see in the videos! We have kept the videos short so you can see how simple the typical service process is. However, that doesn't mean you don't have full control over the process. Some of the additional features you may end up using are:

  • Specifying a subset of documents in an envelope for service.
  • Changing the order in which documents are printed.
  • Changing any of the addresses used for service.
  • providing service for any number of parties.
  • Specifying more than one type of service for a single recipient: eg: Both first-class and certified.

Doxpop's goal is to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on great legal work. Delivery by Doxpop is a significant step along that path.

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