Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: A new look and new features for Recorder and Register of Deeds services!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

A new look and new features for Recorder and Register of Deeds services!

Doxpop is proud to announce a new look and added features for our Recorded Document and Register of Deeds services. We are posting this “Sneak Preview” on Monday, 9/30 to prepare you, and we will release the changes on Wednesday, 10/2. (Update: The changes have now been released.)

If you already use our tax warrant service, you will find these updates very familiar. There is no change to the data that is available or how your searches function, we’ve just made the system a little easier to use.

We have made changes in three areas:

  • The search criteria on the advanced search page have been rearranged for ease of use.
  • New tools have been added to the result list and document detail screens. 
  • You can now browse through the detail pages of your search results without returning to the search results page between each detail view.

First, let’s take a look at the streamlined advanced search page:

  • The layout is changed to make it easier to locate fields.
  • Since land can be platted or unplatted,  but never both, when you start entering information in Lot/Block/Subdivision the non-platted land fields become inactive and the reverse occurs if you enter information in the Township/Section/Range.
  • Michigan users will notice that we changed the order on a few of the less common fields towards the bottom.

Indiana Searchers (click to enlarge):
Indiana Advanced Search
Michigan Searchers (click to enlarge):
Michigan Advanced Search

Search results have several improvements:

  • A [reset sorting] button has been added that resets the column sorting to default.
  • A  “Filter” box has been added to quickly locate items in large result sets. To use the filter, just start typing in the filter box and the result set will narrow to only entries containing the text you entered.
  • Finally, there’s a simpler way to save or set email alerts on documents! Click on the star to save a document. Click on the bell to set an alert on the document. A second click turns each of these off.

Search Results

Here’s what we changed in the document detail area:

  • At the top left of the details page, there is a back arrow that will return you to your search results. In the center are navigation buttons that will walk you through the details of each document in your result set without requiring you to return to the search results.
  • The top right has the star to save a document and bell to set an alert.
  • The image preview link is now more prominently displayed right under the document heading to the left.

Document Details

Our goal with these features is to make your work more pleasant and productive. Please explore these features when they are released on Wednesday and let us know how we did! If you have any questions about the changes or need help, please contact our support team at 866-369-7671 or


Unknown said...

I'm having trouble locating the effective date of the county. It used to be prominent in the upper right-had corner. I'll keep looking.

Nick Fankhauser said...

Oops! That's our mistake. It was initially missing, and it is now fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nick Fankhauser said...

Unknown: I deleted your comment asking about your son's court appearance because it didn't seem right to leave your son's name on our public blog. If you need help finding a court date, please go to and just search for his name. Then click on the case number for his case to view details.