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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Kosciusko and Dubois e-filing. Sorta fixed, but it's complicated....

Per Indiana Trial Court Technology:

"At this time, filings to initiate a new case can be submitted. However, attorneys who filed into existing cases on Monday, June 24, may experience problems. If the same case returns multiple times, you should not proceed with your filing."

Sigh! Here's what we think this means:

If you're initiating a new case, no problem! Proceed.

If you're submitting a subsequent filing on an existing case, then:
  • If you get the message "2 (or more) cases exist with this case number", stop and report it to us. We'll pass it along to the folks at Trial Court Technology and let you know when they've got it fixed.
  • If you get no message about multiple cases with that case number, then there's no problem. You can proceed normally.
We believe that very few filings will be affected by this, but thought you should know. As we mentioned in the notice yesterday, if this issue should cause you to miss a deadline, refer to Trial Rule 86(N) to learn about your options.

Update: At 2:10 PM, we received a message from the State indicating that all e-filing issues in Kosciusko and Dubois have been resolved.

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