Thursday, February 8, 2018

You can now attach your firm service contact to closed, as well as opened, cases in our batch attachment tool!

When we first introduced the batch service contact attachment feature you could only attach to open cases. Now you have the option to attach to open and/or closed cases!

We added the option to attach the contact of your choice to closed (disposed) cases because that may be even more important than attaching yourself to your open (pending) cases. 

When someone makes a filing on a previously disposed case where you are the attorney of record, there are typically two situations:
  1. You are still involved in this case and you want to ensure you get prompt notification of new filings.
  2. This is a case you are no longer involved in, but the clerk didn't process your motion to withdraw when it was approved.
In the second case, there is a danger that the new filer will attach your public service contact. Then, even if the clerk later removes you from the case, you won't be able to detach your service contact. Making sure you attach your chosen service contact to any case where you are the attorney of record ensures that you can also detach it later.

If you would like to know why life is easier when you control your service contact, take a look at this previous blog post: E-file Reminder: Make sure you control your service contact!

How to get there:

The batch attachment tool is still located in the 'E-filing Account Administration" on the e-filing tab:

Then click on additional tools in the Service Contacts section:

Now you can choose which case status you would like the process to attach your service contacts to:
Of course, if you happen to have a large caseload and choose closed or all cases this process may take some time. 

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