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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

E-Filing: "Comments to Clerk" are gone! What happened to it?

Doxpop recently removed the "comments to clerk" area from the "Add Document" dialogue box in e-filing.

We learned that most clerks don't look at this area during the typical review process and believe that any feature that is not completely reliable and useful shouldn't be cluttering your work-space.

A more reliable approach to passing along comments for a particular document is to begin by sending the Clerk's office chocolate or other treats regularly and then call when you need help with a specific filing. Calls should be limited to one or less per each treat previously delivered, and it really helps to have your envelope number ready when you call so they can go straight to the filing in question.

Seriously, Clerk's office employees are always helpful, no delicious bribes are required.... But please don't overdo the calls, have the envelope number ready, and be sure to let them know they are appreciated!

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