Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: "Super Search" comes to the Recorder/Register tabs.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Super Search" comes to the Recorder/Register tabs.

For just a little over a month now, "Super Search" has been available to folks searching under the Court Record and Tax Warrant tabs. On Monday (4/24), we are adding Super Search to the tools available in the Recorded Document & Register of Deeds tab.

For people who are used to using the traditional search, it is important to know that you can turn the super search on or off using the check box. Your search setting is "sticky", meaning it stays on whichever type of search you selected until you change the setting. 

If you have several rush orders to do today and don't want to learn a new search tool, just leave the box un-checked and get on with your day. However, if you've got a few free minutes, give it a try. Super Search can make your job a lot easier once you get used to it.

For complete details about how super search behaves, take a look at this blog post from February 28.

Coming Soon: Keep an eye out for an announcement about "Full Text Search" soon. This new feature will allow you to find documents by searching for keywords found in the document- even if they aren't part of the index!

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