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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Doxpop's transition to the new Tax Warrant service is complete.

If you are not already using the "tax warrant" tab for all of your tax warrant research, it is time to make the switch. At 5:30 AM on Friday, 3/31/17, we will be turning off access to tax warrants through the "court cases" tab. From about 5:30 AM to 5:45 AM the site will be down while we install an update that includes this change.

On February 9th, Doxpop introduced a new tab that our subscribers can use to search for Tax Warrants across the entire state with a single search. Prior to our investment in this new service, we were only able to provide tax warrants in 23 out of the 92 counties, so this service increases our geographical coverage to roughly 4 times that of the previous service.

During the introduction of this service, we continued to provide access to the tax warrants that were available through our old court records service while we gathered feedback on the new tax warrant tab. The main feedback we got was that although most of those who tried the new "Super Search" method of searching for tax warrants loved it, those who had built their search procedures around our traditional searching tools hated it.

In response to this feedback, on February 28th we added the ability to search the statewide tax warrant database using either the Super Search or our traditional search tools. We have now had this service running in parallel with the old service for a month with both search options enabled, and our users are reporting consistent and accurate results.

That means it is time to turn off the old service and ask you all to begin using the new "tax warrants" for your searching these records. From this point forward, tax warrants will not be commingled with court records, and you will only be able to find them through the "tax warrant" tab.

The folks who are accessing tax warrants through the court api service will continue to have access to the tax warrants from the original smaller group of counties through the api because we don't yet provide an api for tax warrants.

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