Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Validation date added to Recorder (IN) and Register of Deeds (MI) records.

Doxpop has just added a "validation time" for Recorder and Register of Deeds offices. This is similar to what many offices call their "effective date". Here's how it works:

The validation time for each county office is the recording time of the most recent document that has been verified. This means all documents recorded at the same office before that time have been completely indexed and verified.

This works because the indexing system used by all Recorders and Registers that send their information to Doxpop is designed to ensure that documents are indexed and verified in the order they are received. The validation time allows researchers put the appropriate effective date on research they do through Doxpop.

  • When selecting a single-county region for any document search, you will find the validation time for the county displayed under the region box. 
  • When viewing the index details for any document, you will find the validation time for the source county of that document in the top left corner, next to the county name.
Here's an example:

If you have any questions about validation times, please feel free to give us a call or email.

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