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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Martin County Recorder joins the Doxpop Network!

Today Doxpop is welcoming the Martin County Recorder's Office!

We thank Rhonda Sanders, Martin County Recorder, for trusting Doxpop to provide online public access services for her office. Now it's our turn, and we plan to return the favor with excellent service to Rhonda and her constituents in Martin County. Here are the services Doxpop provides:

Community members can sign up using our "informed citizen" account level to obtain occasional access to recorded document information at no cost. At this service level, searching for documents and viewing them is free. A copy fee is charged if the user decides to download a document image for printing or later use.

Professional users who need more than occasional access may sign up for a paid subscription that provides more powerful searching tools and high volume access. Law offices, title firms and other businesses who interact with the Recorder's Office regularly will find that this service lowers their cost of doing business.

Access Martin County Recorded Documents at

Doxpop's Property Watch service is now also available to landowners in Martin County at no cost. The property watch service helps prevent real estate fraud by notifying landowners whenever a document is filed referencing their property. To sign up for this service for free, go to:

All Martin County documents filed on or after January 1, 2003 are available through Doxpop.

Rhonda Sanders has provided all of these services to her community at no cost to the taxpayers of Martin County. The new services are funded completely by the fees professional users pay for enhanced access services.

In addition to accessing Martin County Recorded documents, users of Doxpop may obtain recorded documents from Daviess and Dubois counties and public court case information for Martin County and all surrounding counties. In total, Doxpop users can now access Recorded Documents from 38 Indiana counties and Court Records from 88 counties.

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