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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Doxpop welcomes the Daviess County Recorder!

Today we welcome Daviess County to our family of Recorder Partners!

Daviess County provides both images and index information from January 1997 forward via Doxpop. In addition, Jamie Chapman and her staff are hard at work on a back-scanning and indexing project that will provide even more history in the near future.

Access to the index information is available in low volumes for free, and via paid subscriptions at higher volume for commercial users. Access to image copies requires payment of a modest copy fee, most of which is passed along to the County for use in the Recorder's document perpetuation fund.

Daviess County Recorded Documents are available at

In addition property owners in Daviess County may now use the Doxpop property watch service to keep an eye on documents filed that reference their parcels or name. This service is a tool that may be used to detect and in most cases, prevent property fraud. This service may be accessed at no cost through

Daviess County joins 35 other Indiana Counties in providing public access via Doxpop. In addition, Court records from Daviess County are already available via Doxpop, thus providing a common portal for research.

The Daviess County Recorder, Jamie Chapman, is providing these services via Doxpop at no cost to the county.

Please join us in welcoming Daviess County!

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