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Friday, July 24, 2015

So what's going on with the Monroe Recorder's document images?

Folks who use our service for Monroe County recorded documents have probably noticed that document images are currently unavailable from 2013 forward.

That's because last weekend (7/18) Monroe County's image storage drives failed. They are currently working on restoring those images, and we expect them back on Monday (7/27). Our original estimate was that this would happen sometime on Thursday, but it got complicated... Apologies for that incorrect prediction!

In the meantime, the good news is that the index information is unaffected by this outage. So you won't miss any documents when you do a search... You'll just have to wait a few days to get a copy of the images.

If you want more details, give us a call (866-369-7671) or email (


Anonymous said...

When the images are finally restored I am assuming we will have to use another one of our searches for each name we need the image for? Searches were done last week waiting on copies, how do we get those copies without having to pay for the searches again?

Nick Fankhauser said...

As always, when a problem causes a search to be wasted, we'll make it right for you, whether the cause was in our system, or, as in this case, with the underlying Recorder's system. Anyone who couldn't retrieve an image in Monroe last week should contact us once the dust settles & we'll work with you.

BTW, just to clarify- The images were missing from the Recorder's system as well (that's where the problem started.) So Doxpop users aren't seeing anything less than what's available locally.

Please wait until we've given the "all clear" on Monroe before calling about lost searches. Until the images are restored, we can't really provide good help on that score.

Thanks Dave! that was an important question that I should have answered in the first post... Guess I had my blinders on due to focusing on the restore efforts.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't just Monroe county that didn't have images,parke and Hendricks counties also were missing images.

Nick Fankhauser said...

Hi Anon- We can't find any issues with Parke or Hendricks images, and you were the only person to report having problems accessing their documents. So... I'll reiterate what I said during our phone conversation:

In a situation where only one user is having a problem, we work with the assumption that there's something unusual about your Internet connection or Browser that is causing this problem and we are usually able to help you resolve that. If we are not able to find the problem quickly, we often email the document to the user so they can get on with their work.

We frequently go above and beyond for our customers, and there are many things we can do to resolve problems, but all of them start with a call to support when the problem is occurring. As much as we want to, we just can't do much with "It didn't work for me last week." Sorry!