Friday, May 15, 2015

There's a "hole" in the Dearborn County Court Data. Repairs underway.

An alert user just pointed out to us that cases from Dearborn County in 1999 were not showing up on Doxpop. Upon investigation, we confirmed that all cases from that year (for Dearborn only) are missing.

We have contacted Dearborn County's CMS vendor to get this resolved, and expect to load these cases over the weekend, so the information should be available by Monday, May 18th.

This notice is especially important to customers using our system to do background checks. If you decide that you need to re-run a report after Monday to check for any missed cases, please call Nick directly at 765-373-9245 and I'll make sure you aren't charged for the extra searches.

No other courts or years are affected by this problem

Our apologies for this oversight! We'll get it fixed shortly.

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