Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Great customer service is easy! (So why doesn't every company do it?)

Excellent customer service is one of our goals at Doxpop, and our customers regularly verify that we're doing a great job.

What's puzzling to us is that it's so easy to provide great service, but so few companies do it. All we have to do is give our employees permission to care about you. I don't believe anybody goes to work in the morning thinking "I'll act like a jerk today!", but many companies create an environment where their representatives are forced to argue or postpone instead of just saying "OK, I'll help you with that."

So why is this on my mind today? Have a listen to this sad/funny service call:


Please, if we ever do anything like this to you, call me directly at 765-373-9245 and I'll personally take care of you! (Or just comment below about your experience with our service.)

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