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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Supporting the public with public information

At a recent meeting of the the Judicial Technology Oversight Commission, Doxpop fielded a question from a committee member who asked if  "Joe Public" could use Doxpop for free.

The answer is "yes!"

We call our free service the "Informed Citizen" account, but maybe we should change the name to the "Joe Public" account, because (when you include Josephine) that's exactly who we had in mind.

This free account has been a hit, and since we've introduced it, people have signed up for 33,000 "Joe Public" accounts. Each week more than14,000 searches are done using these accounts. The free account level includes access to all of our features, including unlimited support over the phone or eMail to make sure you find what you need. One commonly used feature is the ability to "save" a case, set an alert on it, and come back to it any number of times in the future - all for free.

It only takes a minute to get started with a free account-

Sign up at this page: Make sure you select the plan that costs $0/month.

We were surprised that a member of the Judicial Technology Oversight Commission didn't know about this service, but it underscores the need for us to spread the word, so please help us encourage people to make use of Doxpop's free service by sharing this post with your friends.

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