Monday, May 7, 2012

April information posted from the State's Odyssey system, Good news and Bad...

The monthly update for counties using the Odyssey Case Management System run by the State's Judicial Technology and Automation Committee has been posted.

However, please note that the information is incomplete for the last few days of April. The posted information is complete through midnight (end of day) on April 24th. (You may see some entries after April 24th, but please don't depend on these being complete.)

The reason is that the folks at the State extract the information in two separate batches which we merge to update our system, and they did these two extracts several days apart this month. Since the first one occurred on the 24th, we can't guarantee complete information after that date. They are sending us a second file in a few days to patch this up and make the information complete through May 1st. They have also agreed to alter their process slightly to prevent this problem in the future.

On the good news side, we are currently receiving "real time" updates from the State's Odyssey system, and are working to fully test and integrate this data feed into our system so you won't have to worry about how current the information is in the future. The initial assessment from our programmers on this feed is that the folks at the State have done their job well, and it's just a matter of time (and hard work) before we'll be able to pass the information along directly to our users.

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