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Friday, January 22, 2010

What I'm grateful for this morning

We've all been working hard this week, and I admit that I'm a bit worn out... But it's all worthwhile when we hear from the people who appreciate our work.

Last night at a community gathering in Liberty, I met one of our customers for the first time. After introducing myself to this attorney, I told him what I do for a living. He responded that he uses Doxpop, appreciates the convenience it provides, and even (gasp!) that it supplies enough value for him that he'd be willing to pay more for it. (I'll keep his name confidential so fellow attorneys don't pounce on him.)

In particular, he appreciated the ability to watch his cases and know right away when another attorney files a document. He is supposed to receive notification through other channels when this occurs, but that doesn't always happen in a timely fashion. Doxpop informs him right away.

I'm still beaming with pride.

I'm grateful to the great support staff and developers at Doxpop who make it possible for me to meet a customer for the first time and be proud to introduce myself as a part of our team at Doxpop. Thank You!

(And don't worry- We won't increase prices until we have to.)

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Chris said...

Congratulations, Nick, and to everyone at DoxPop.