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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vanderburgh Courts join the Doxpop Network

At long last! Doxpop welcomes the courts of Vanderburgh County. 

Adding Vanderburgh County has been a substantial project spanning more than a year. The people involved in this project are too numerous to thank in a brief blog post, so we'll pick on the superstars of this project: Judge J. Douglas Knight, Clerk Susan K. Kirk and especially the tireless Timothy VanCleave, Director of Vanderburgh County Court Information Systems have been instrumental.

We are adding Vanderburgh County Court information to Doxpop in two stages:
  • Currently, information on all public cases filed from January 2005 through current is available and updated every 15 minutes.
  • In early December, all remaining cases will be added back through January 1993. (Limited information will be available on many cases through 1980, but complete coverage starts in 1993.)
 On December 9th and 10th, Doxpop's training staff will be on-site in Evansville to hold demonstration and training sessions. Watch this blog for more information on exact times and locations.

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