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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to Use "My Calendar"

Doxpop provides a calendar feature that can help organize your saved cases and any cases associated with your State Bar ID. Enabling email notifications allows you to be quickly notified whenever a change has been made to a calendar event you are associated with.

To set up your calendar:

1) From the "My Doxpop" screen, click "My Bar IDs", then click "Add New ID"
2) For "ID Type", select "State Bar Id"
3) Select the state your bar ID license is assigned.
4) Enter your Bar ID number exactly as written, including a dash or space, into the "ID number" field
5) If you wish to receive email notifications when hearings are scheduled or cancelled, select the box that says "Upcoming hearings will available in the calendar and also will be emailed to you as they are scheduled". Otherwise, select "View events in calendar only".
6) Click the "Done" button
7) You can now view your calendar by selecting the "My Calendar" link at the "My Doxpop" screen. Viewing case details from your calendar screen does not cost you a search.

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