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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Allen Criminal Records Now On Doxpop

Doxpop is pleased to announce that the Allen County Criminal Court Records are now available on Doxpop. Searches in Allen County will now include Civil and Criminal cases.

The court information available for Allen County includes all court cases filed beginning in October of 1995 and any older cases still open at that time.

Tax Warrants are filed under the MI case type and begin in November of 1995. Foreign Judgments (in and out of state) are also filed under the MI case type.

Clerk's records are complete for all civil cases. However, the Superior Courts of Allen County do not enter all actions on the electronic CCS. For a more detailed explanation of what information is available for each of the civil case types in the Allen County courts, consult this PDF chart.

Allen and the many other counties working with Doxpop help serve the public interest by making information available via the web at no cost to the county. Doxpop provides a range of tools designed to facilitate timely and efficient communication between county agencies and those who use county data.

Doxpop has been providing public access to Indiana court records since 2002 and Indiana recorded documents since 2005. The Doxpop network consists of 46 Indiana court systems and currently provides access to over 9.9 million court case records and over 2.8 million recorded documents.

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