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Monday, October 27, 2008

Wayne County Resynchronizing... Still underway.

The weekend has passed and we're still working on resynchronizing Wayne County's Court data. The server on the County side of this process was not able to export all of the data over the weekend, so it is taking longer than expected. 1990 through 2003 have been loaded, so we're roughly 75% of the way through.

We will have to keep the regular update process off for Wayne County Courts until this process is completed in order to maintain the integrity of the data. Thanks for bearing with us while the lengthy process completes! As always, calls are welcome if you need more details.


Anonymous said...

Will Wayne County subscribers be have either time extended or reimbursed, since the information is not current?

Nick said...

Anon- Give me a call and let's talk about this. Customer satisfaction is important, so if you have lost significant value, we'll work something out. 866-369-7671, ask for Nick.