Doxpop - Tools for Attorneys and Public Information Researchers: Gas City, Union, and Muncie City Receive Permission from ISC

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Gas City, Union, and Muncie City Receive Permission from ISC

Today the Gas City, Union City and Muncie City Courts have all received permission from the Indiana Supreme Court Administrative Division to make their public court case information available through the Doxpop web site.

Adding these three city courts to the Doxpop network represents a new challenge and opportunity for Doxpop. In the past, Doxpop has had only county court information available on the Doxpop web site. The addition of city courts will allow Doxpop to fill in a few gaps in our existing information while delivering a valuable service to a new group of local courts.

The Gas City City Court has completed the entire administrative process to get started and we plan to have their information on-line within the next two weeks.

The Union City and Muncie Courts still have some technical and administrative details to work out. Muncie is likely to be available in late June and Union City in July or later. Watch this area of our web site for further details when the dates become more firm.

Welcome aboard to all of the new City courts joining the Doxpop Network!

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