Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Washington County joins e-filing

Voluntary e-filing begins today in Washington County. In a couple of months, it will become mandatory for subsequent filings.

In preparation, Doxpop visited Salem last week to present a CLE training session for the Washington County Bar Association. Special thanks to Doug Leatherbury for arranging the training session, and Mama Rosa's for hosting us and providing a great buffet!

After the training session, we went over to the courthouse to visit Sarah Milligan, the newly elected Washington County Clerk. Sarah took office on January 1 with completely new office staff, who are all doing a great job at quickly coming up to speed on how to run the Clerk's office. Her willingness to take on the implementation of e-filing during her third week in office is impressive! Please join us in thanking her and the staff for their hard work and efforts to improve the office.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Proposed changes to Marion County rules related to e-filing. (Probate & Fax Filing)

Marion County has posted two proposed local rule changes, one of which may take effect today. The complete list of local rules and proposed changes may be found here.

The most urgent change eliminates fax filing in Marion Superior and Circuit Courts. This may result in eliminating fax as an alternative to e-filing. You can download that rule proposal here. The proposal specifies that the change takes effect today, 1/6/17.

The second change aligns the local rules for probate with the e-filing environment. In particular, the change:
  • Eliminates the requirement to file the original will, instead specifying electronic filing of the will along with an affidavit attesting that the electronic document is a scan of the original. The form for this is appended to the amendment proposal (linked below).
  • Removes the requirement that most personal representative and guardians must appear in court.
This proposed change is to take effect a week from today, 1/13/17. Download the proposed order changing probate rules here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Court & E-Filing changes for 2017

A few changes to court rules and information that everyone should be aware of as we enter 2017:

1) E-Filing is now required for case initiation in Hamilton County.

Here's a refresher on how to do this in Doxpop:

Remember that when initiating a case via e-filing, you are responsible for registered mail and delivering documents to the sheriff for service. In Hamilton County, you pay the sheriff directly for service. Most Sheriff's offices require three copies.

2) Subsequent filing on civil cases only is now mandatory in Wells County.

E-filing on criminal cases is still available but optional for Wells while they work out a few kinks in the system.

3) Four new case types have been added and one has been retired.
  • DR has been retired. Cases filed prior to 2017 will retain this designation, but it won't be used going forward.
  • DN is the new designation for Domestic Relation (Divorce) cases not involving children.
  • DC is the new designation for Domestic Relation (Divorce) cases involving children.
  • TS is the new designation for an application for judgment in a tax sale.
  • TP is the new designation for a verified petition to issue a tax deed.
The domestic relations types are fairly self-explanatory. The new tax sale designations are particularly helpful for abstractors and folks dealing in real estate. These used to be buried in miscellaneous civil, making them hard to search for. The new types will make life much easier for researchers looking for liens or tax deeds on real property.

4) There are no big changes to the e-filing rules. 

This isn't really a change, but it is notable that nothing in Trial Rule 86 changed. That was unexpected after the many changes we saw in 2015. This is a great sign that Indiana's system is past many of its growing pains!

5) Next up for e-filing: Washington County on 1/16, and Allen & Posey Counties on 2/16.

Give us a call if you need help preparing to e-file in these counties!

Click here to see the entire list of rule changes that took effect during 2016 or on 1/1/2017 on the State Court's web site.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Adding an attorney to a case while e-filing.

We have learned recently that Hendricks County will no longer add an attorney to a case when he or she files an appearance. They now depend on the e-filer to do that.

We are not yet aware whether other counties have adopted this policy, but since this was not an operation Doxpop previously supported, we scrambled to add this function for you. Here's how to use it:

When filing an appearance on an existing case, look in the section titled "New Case Parties/Attorneys" for the button that says "Add Attorney". Click on this button...

A dialog box will pop open that lists the parties. Find the party to be represented, and then use the drop-down menu labeled "Choose Attorney" to select the correct attorney from your firm...

The most common use of this function will be adding a single attorney to represent a previously unrepresented party. However, the system works fine for more complex situations. For instance:

  • You may add more than one attorney for any party.
  • If the party is currently unrepresented, you may specify which of the attorneys you are adding is the lead attorney.
  • You may add attorney(s) to more than one party, to cover situations where you represent multiple parties on the same case.
  • If a party already has an attorney, you may still add an additional attorney. Be aware that there is no option to designate the "lead" attorney in this situation. Rather, the existing lead attorney is listed as the "lead" until they are withdrawn. This may occur when you are taking over for another attorney, but the clerk/court has not yet processed that attorney's withdrawal.
Give us a call or email if you have any questions about this feature! support@doxpop.com or 866-369-7671.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Recorded Document Performance Improvements

Doxpop just released a change to our process for fetching information about Recorded Documents and displaying document images.

This change will increase the speed of the entire Recorded Document service. It's our early Christmas present to the folks who make heavy use of that section of our web site!

In addition, a few weeks ago we provided a new button to return directly to your most recent search results from any of the document viewing pages, avoiding the need to page back through the intervening pages with your browser's "back" button.

Give the improved Recorded Document section a spin and let us know if it makes your work easier!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Correction to proposed Order/Notice post.

A helpful person at the State's Court Technology office pointed out an error in my post of a few days ago (thank you!) I just went back and corrected it. Apologies to anyone who was confused by the first version.

To read the updated version, click here.

Here's what changed:

The main correction is that you *will* receive an accepted filing notification for a proposed order or notice, however, for most courts, it will not be a file-stamped copy. The lack of a file stamp often leads to concern about whether the document was really accepted and processed. Don't worry! if you received the accepted filing email, your document is on its way to the judge.

In addition, some emphasis and detail has been to the section on checking to make sure the attorney is appropriately entered as an attorney of record for the case. In the past, such an omission was annoying, but not a serious issue. However, in the era of electronic document delivery, not being entered correctly means you won't get your order.

Finally, although it was not added to the already lengthy previous post, here's the detail on why we assert that most counties will not return file-stamped orders instead of all:

  • Counties using the Odyssey case management system have a consistent process that includes passing the document along to the Judge without a timestamp on the face of the document. (The judge is still able to see both your submission timestamp and the acceptance timestamp on the case management system.)
  • The Counties using the CSI case management system apply the timestamp as a way to communicate the acceptance date to the judge in situations where she or he is viewing a paper copy. This may change as processes evolve, but for now, it may help you to know why this is different in some counties. Currently, this apply to Wells, Clay and White counties.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Knox County Begins E-Filing

The Knox County Courts have started allowing e-filing today, with subsequent filings becoming mandatory on February 10th, 2017.

Here are a couple of useful bits of info for folks filing in Knox County:

  • Orders and Notices will be delivered via the Odyssey E-Notice system. The sending domain for that system is "courts.in.gov", so make sure emails from that domain do not end up in your spam folder.