Monday, July 27, 2020

Delivery by Doxpop makes service as easy as it used to be.

On Tuesday, July 28th, Doxpop will release a pilot of our Delivery by Doxpop service in Wayne, Madison, and Hamilton counties.

This means that when you are e-filing on a case in one of these counties, you will see a new section in both the initial and subsequent filing page labeled "Delivery by Doxpop". We think you will want to start using it immediately. Here is why:

If you are doing a subsequent filing and one of the parties can't be served via e-service, you can use Delivery by Doxpop to initiate service via first-class postal mail with as few as three mouse clicks- A huge savings in labor. Take a look at this short video (2:33)  to see how it works:

If you are doing an initial filing and want to provide service via Sheriff's Service, Delivery by Doxpop lets you initiate that in less than a minute during the e-filing process. Doxpop will print three copies of the required documents, and deliver them to the Sheriff you specify along with a cover sheet providing personal and mail delivery addresses. Take a look at this short demonstration (3:29) of how this service works:

If you are doing an initial filing and want to provide Certified Mail Service,  you can do that with a few mouse clicks during the e-filing process using Delivery by Doxpop. Doxpop will print the required documents, and send them via Certified Mail for you. When the recipient signs for the documents, you will receive an image of the signed receipt. we've made a brief video (2:40) that shows how this works:

Finally, it is important to be able to track the progress of delivery and download your return receipt to prove delivery occurred. This video (3:00) shows you how to quickly get to USPS tracking and how to download your return:

There is more to this feature than you see in the videos! We have kept the videos short so you can see how simple the typical service process is. However, that doesn't mean you don't have full control over the process. Some of the additional features you may end up using are:

  • Specifying a subset of documents in an envelope for service.
  • Changing the order in which documents are printed.
  • Changing any of the addresses used for service.
  • providing service for any number of parties.
  • Specifying more than one type of service for a single recipient: eg: Both first-class and certified.

Doxpop's goal is to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on great legal work. Delivery by Doxpop is a significant step along that path.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A brief explanation of how to get started filing PO cases in Indiana.

This isn't really a new topic, but there's still some confusion about it, so here are the basics if this is your first time e-filing on a PO case:

On October 1, 2019, the Court began requiring that PO cases be filed electronically. The Court also requires that all filings on PO cases occur through a portal created just for this case type. You will find the portal at:

There is an abundance of documentation on this website, but we still get a few regular questions about it:
  1. This looks like a site for pro se filers and advocates... Do attorneys have to use it too?  Yes, without exception, both initial and subsequent filings on protection orders must occur through this site.
  2. Will my regular e-filing username & password work for this site? No, the PO portal requires that you register separately. You will also use your existing e-filing username & password later on, so keep those handy, but step one is to register, using the "Create Account" link in the lower left corner of the home page.
  3. How do I know if my filings went through? You will receive an email upon successful submission, and a second email for acceptance. These look a little different from the E-Filing emails you're used to. These emails have a return address in the domain, so if you have set up email rules to sort out regular e-filing emails, they may not catch these. You can also log in and look in the lower right corner of the home screen to see your "Active Petitions/Cases".
  4. Are there any special rules for e-filing PO cases? Yes, take a look at Trial Rule 86(Q) In particular, notice that "service must be accomplished by the Clerk, a Sheriff, court official, or other person appointed by a Court to complete service of process."
  5. When I click on the link, it doesn't load! What do I do? We've had reports of this happening periodically. If it happens to you, clear your browser cache, and then try the link again. Here's an article that has instructions for clearing the cache in every major browser:
Other questions? The State Court has an extensive self-help area here: If you can't find the answers there, and you are a Doxpop customer, give us a call or email and we'll try to help. However, bear in mind that this is not our web site, so we can't be as helpful as usual and may end up referring you to the State Court's desk if you ask us a hard question!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Reminder that Doxpop offices will be closed July 3rd in observance of Independence day.

In observance of Independence Day our offices will be closed Friday, July 3rd.

Even though we are closed we understand that sometimes you have to deal with an emergency situation during a holiday so here's how to get help over the holiday:

We will not be monitoring phone lines, so you must use email. One of our managers will be checking email periodically throughout the day. If you have a real emergency, please send an email to which contains a brief description of the problem and phone number we can call to reach you.

Please be respectful when using this option. It's for real emergencies that can't wait until Monday morning.

Monday, June 15, 2020

How to respond if you just received an "Electronic Service Undeliverable" message.

If you filed a document and soon thereafter, get an email that has "Electronic Service Undeliverable" in the subject line, that means there is a problem with the recipient's e-service contact or mail system. You didn't cause the problem, but you will have to resolve it for this filing. Here's how to do it:
  1. Start by contacting the intended recipient to see if they had a temporary problem with their email server. If that was the case, you can do a “Service Only” filing to retry e-service & avoid having to resort to paper.
  2. If you are a Doxpop customer, and the first suggestion didn't help, contact us right away for help determining what the problem was.
  3. The last resort is to print & mail or fax a copy… but that’s time consuming because, in addition to the time required to mail, you now have to file an amended certificate of service

When the recipient can't figure out what the problem is, you can help them by providing their IT support staff with a copy of your SMTP Log.
To access that log in Doxpop, do this:
  1. Click on the E-Filing tab and select “My Electronic Filings”
  2. Locate the affected filing, and click on the arrow to the left of the envelope number to expand details.
  3. Click on the green “Service Info” button next to the document that was undeliverable.
  4. A list of service contacts will appear. Next to the recipient that didn’t receive service, click on the green “View SMTP Log” Button.
  5. Click anywhere within the log listing and press [CTRL]-[A] then [CTRL]-[C] to select all text and copy it to your clipboard.
  6. Paste the copied text into your message to the intended recipient’s IT support staff.
Note: Should the question ever arise, this log is also proof that timely service was attempted, and was undeliverable due to a problem with the recipient’s email server.

Monday, June 1, 2020

How to respond if someone notifies you that they got an "Electronic Service Undeliverable" message when trying to e-serve you.

What to do if a filer tells you they tried to e-serve a document to you and got an "Electronic Service Undeliverable" message.

The problem is nearly always due to a problem on the recipient's system, so it is your responsibility to fix it. (When you signed up for an E-Filing account, you agreed to facilitate e-service.) There are three common problems to check. From simplest to most complex, they are:
  1. The email address in your service contact is wrong.
  2. Your email server or client is rejecting the message as spam or suspicious email.
  3. Your email service is imposing a limit on the volume of incoming messages.
If you are a Doxpop customer, just call us when this happens, and we'll help you figure it out. Solving problems is our job.

If your are not a Doxpop customer, or you just like figuring things out on your own, here's how to diagnose the problem:

Ask the filer to provide a copy of the SMTP log for the failed delivery. Their EFSP can help them locate this.
  • At first glance, an SMTP log will look like technical jargon, but it contains many clues that are easy to decipher. Scan the log looking for a phrase indicating failure or rejection of the message. Near that phrase, you'll find an error message:
  • Error messages such as "User not found" "Address not found" "No such user" all indicate the email address in your e-service contact is wrong. 
  • Error messages containing words like as "Rejected" "Spam" "Filtered" indicate that your spam filter or firewall is filtering these messages. Click here to view our previous post on fixing spam filtering problems.
  • Error messages containing words like 'Limit", "Volume", "Exceeded", "Too Many" indicate that your mail server rejected the email either because you have a total limit for the account, or there is a limit placed on the number of emails that can be received from a particular sender. You'll need to contact your IT department or email administrator to solve this problem. (Give her or him the SMTP log.)
If none of the ideas above help, just give us a call! We'll help you figure it out.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Reminder- Doxpop offices will be closed May 25th in observance of Memorial Day

A reminder that the Doxpop offices will be closed on Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.

We understand that sometimes you have to deal with an emergency situation during a holiday so here's how to get help between over the holiday weekend:

We will not be monitoring phone lines, so you must use email. One of our managers will be checking email periodically every day. If you have a real emergency, please send an email to that contains a brief description of the problem and phone number we can call to reach you.

Please be respectful when using this option. It's for real emergencies that can't wait until Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A problem with dates for users located outside of the Eastern Time Zone

Update: A fix was released on the evening of April 28th. 

With the release of our detail viewing browser for court records this morning, we made a mistake on the rendering of dates. The Dates are fine for most users, but if your computer's time zone setting is not Eastern Time, dates will render incorrectly.

Our developers are scrambling to fix this and release an update tonight. Until then dates will render as one day early if your computer is set to Central Time. (eg: 4/29 will show as 4/28)

We're sorry and working to fix this right away!