Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reading An Indiana Cause Number

Have you ever wondered where the numbers come from for an Indiana Cause Number? Allow us to break it down for you:

For example: 89C02-0512-IF-00016

89 is the county number (Wayne County)
C02 is the court in which the case is filed (Circuit 2)
05 is the year the case is filed (2005)
12 is the month the case is filed (December)
IF is the case type (Infraction) View a list of case type abbreviations here.
00016 is the annual sequence number. This is the 16th infraction cased of the year in Wayne County.

The annual sequence number is five digits with or without leading zeros. Some counties "pad" this number with leading zeros to make it exactly 5 digits long (see example above), while other counties leave out the leading zeros. (89C01-0512-IF-16)

When searching using Doxpop, adding the percent sign (wild card) in front of the annual sequence number ensures you a successful search result. (89C02-0512-IF-%16)


Ray Ontko said...

This format is mandated by Indiana Supreme Court Administrative Rule 8. http://www.in.gov/judiciary/rules/admin/index.html#r8b

Anonymous said...

Is it normal to give each charge in a case its own cause number? If so, why or why not?

Nick Fankhauser said...
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Nick Fankhauser said...

The administrative rules specify that all charges connected with a single incident or arrest go on a single case. We don't know the principle behind this, but the rules of procedure are clear on the point.

This is outlined in Administrative Rule 1(B)(4)(b), which says in part: "Criminal Cases and Infractions. The clerk shall assign one case number to each defendant charged with one or more criminal offenses or infractions arising out of the same incident, or multiple incidents occurring on the same date, to be tried as one case, regardless of the number of counts or citations charged against the defendant..."

The complete rule can be found near the top of this page:

Anonymous said...

I have a case tried in 2000. i was found guilty. There were 3 charges, they gave each charge its own cause number so now it looks like i comitted 3 seprate crimes.
What can i do?

Nick Fankhauser said...

We can point you to the rules, but can't offer legal advice. The best advice we can offer is to consult an attorney.

As a general note, companies compiling employment screening checks are careful to note charges individually, so if you do manage to get these combined into a single case, it will still be clear that you were convicted of three distinct charges.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your time.
These were sex offences so because of the way they were filed i will have to register for life. This was recently brought to my attention and because of a heart condition it makes me sick.